No matter how many glowing reviews you might hear about Invisalign® treatment, we know it can be difficult to visualize the process for yourself. This is why we want to show you in person why so many candidates for braces are choosing Invisalign aligners for a straight, confident smile, and our free Invisalign consultation is the perfect opportunity.

We offer a multifaceted free Invisalign consultation so that you can consider all your options and have a comprehensive understanding of the process before you decide if Invisalign treatment is right for you. We always want our patients to have as much information as possible before making any decisions about their health.

How Our Consultations Work

When you come into our office at Smiles Family Dental, our primary goal is to answer all of your questions and concerns. We will help you understand everything you want to know about Invisalign aligners and the teeth straightening process, as well as the results that you can expect. We’re here to act as your personal smile guides to help you get the smile you want.

When you come in for your free consultation, here’s what you can expect:

  • 3D Scan. Our dentists will start by using the latest dental technology to perform a comprehensive scan of your mouth. This scan shows us the contours of every tooth and helps us to get an idea of the treatment plan that you need.
  • Data Collection. Our dentists will take a look at the images from the 3D scan and start to put together a treatment plan that is unique to your mouth. Our scans are precise enough that we can customize your treatment down to the last little details.
  • See Your Future Smile. The moment that you’ve been waiting for! Our technology enables us to show you an image of what your future smile can look like. Seeing the potential of your smile is exciting and can be a great confidence boost.
  • Insurance Information. Our insurance expert will review the coverage that you have to discuss a potential payment schedule. We want to help as many patients as possible experience the gift of Invisalign treatment, so we have flexible financing options.
  • Answering all of your questions. Want to understand how the Invisalign clear aligner trays work? Interested in accelerating your process? Our team is here to educate you and take this journey with you. You can ask us anything.

We know that you lead busy lives. The most important thing to remember is that our consultations are entirely free of commitments or obligations and take very little time.

The Details

We want your consultation to be comprehensive, so we’ll go over more than just the technical aspects of Invisalign treatment. Here are some of the more specific factors that we will cover during your free consultation.

  • Treatment Time. Just like any other dental procedure, every mouth is different. The timeline for achieving your perfect smile may be slightly different than the next patient’s.

    However, many of our patients are impressed with how quick the Invisalign process is. With our acceleration techniques most of our clients are able to complete their entire treatment in as little as 90-120 days, rather than the average 2-3 years it takes to see those results with traditional braces.

  • Invisalign Aligners vs Traditional Braces. We’re excited to show you how Invisalign aligners can straighten your teeth as successfully as traditional braces, with a few extra benefits thrown in.

    Your transparent Invisalign aligner trays are designed to blend in seamlessly with your mouth. They are also comfortable and removable, so that you can take them out when you are eating or performing other activities.

Schedule Your Free, No-Obligation Invisalign Consultation in Flower Mound, Texas

Invisalign is designed for the modern patient that wants the dependable results of traditional braces without having to deal with the hassle of wearing noticeable metal braces.

Here at Smiles Family Dental, we want you to make the best choice for your smile, and our consultations are designed to be educational and informative. If you’ve been considering taking the next step towards a straighter, healthier smile, then we want to meet you!

You’ll be amazed what our dentists can do for you with Invisalign technology. Call our office at 972-346-1100 today to schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Angelie Zamora, Dr. Nick Cobb or Dr. Ruasha Shrestha!