Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is one of the most prevalent dental issues faced by Americans aged 30 or older. Untreated gum disease is detrimental to your oral health and, if left untreated, can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and infection. Fortunately, gum disease is both preventable and curable.

Our dentists and team are committed to making sure we do everything that we can to treat periodontal disease and protect your smile so that gum disease doesn’t have the final say. With cutting-edge options like LAPT available right here in our office, you can take immediate action to maintain healthy gums and save your teeth.

What Are LAPT and LANAP®?

Smiles Family Dental is always interested in technology that makes procedures easier and more comfortable for our patients, like LAPT and LANAP technology.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment, or LAPT, is an advanced process that uses lasers to give you a more precise, thorough cleaning that is more effective than traditional scaling.

Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, uses lasers and specific light frequencies to remove bacteria and diseased gum tissue from your mouth. This allows the healthy gum tissue to reattach to your teeth much more effectively and help you quickly restore the health of your gums.

The bacteria responsible for causing periodontal disease lives inside of your gums. Our laser targets the built-up plaque and tartar to eliminate the infection so that you can kick gum disease to the curb.

What Are the Benefits of LAPT?

We’re glad that you asked! LAPT has many distinct advantages when compared to traditional scaling and gum cleaning methods. These include:

  • Minimally Invasive Process. LAPT eliminates the need for scraping and shots, which means greater comfort and less anxiety for our patients. Lasers are less invasive than many other dental tools.
  • Less Swelling. Our lasers are precise and accurate, meaning that they can treat your gums without prompting any inflammation upon completion. Lasers are gentle on soft tissues, and your gums will heal quickly.
  • Decreased Gum Sensitivity. Gums, especially gums in the advanced stages of periodontal disease, are incredibly sensitive. You want a procedure that is not going to bother your gums or the surrounding areas, which is possible with LAPT.
  • Complete Removal of Bacteria. Healthy gums are an essential component of healthy teeth. LAPT treatment breaks up infection-causing bacteria, plaque and tartar on a microscopic level.
  • Precise Removal of Unhealthy Tissue. The only tissue that will be removed with LAPT treatment is the tissue causing periodontal disease. LAPT treatment enables you to keep the healthy gum tissue and bones surrounding the diseased tissue.
  • Shorter Treatment. Conventional methods for removing diseased tissue usually require more visits than LAPT treatment does. We use our laser to give you back your time and provide you with a faster recovery time.
  • No Drills Necessary. Drills are much more invasive than lasers, and their vibration can affect sensitive teeth. The LAPT procedure gets the job done without the hassle of using a drill, while reducing the risk of irritating your teeth and gums.

Is the LAPT Procedure Painful?

The idea of using lasers to treat gum inflammation might sound intimidating, but we assure you that this precision technology is painless and more effective than traditional methods. Our patients describe LAPT as a convenient, seamless experience.

Thanks to our laser technology, you can expect less sensitivity and swelling in your gums after we finish your treatment. This leads to a much quicker and more straightforward recovery process.

How Much Time Does the Procedure Take?

There are various factors that contribute to the length of treatment. To estimate how long your treatment will take, we will begin by conducting an initial assessment in order to determine how advanced the gum disease has become.

Next, we will consult with you to design a treatment plan that is unique to your circumstances. Generally speaking, treatments take anywhere from one to two visits, which is much faster than traditional gum treatment methods.

Take Advantage of the Latest Gum Treatment Technology at Smiles First Dental

Now that you know a little bit more about the specialized technology that we use to treat periodontal disease in Flower Mound, Texas, take the next step to secure your oral health by calling our office at 972-346-1100 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angelie Zamora, Dr. Nick Cobb or Dr. Ruasha Shrestha. Your mouth will thank you for it!