The truth about gum disease is that it can ruin more than just your smile — it can damage every aspect of your oral health. Your gums are a living part of your mouth that play the important role of supporting your tooth roots and jaw. Without healthy gums, decay, infection and disease can occur.

The good news is that gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease can be reversed with the deep cleaning scaling and root planing procedure that we perform in Flower Mound, Texas. The results speak for themselves: our patients have found that our procedures have helped to reverse the damage caused by mild and moderate gum disease.

What Is Dental Scaling?

Plaque is the sticky white film that builds up on your teeth and your gum line. Plaque doesn’t just look bad; it consists of millions of bacteria that are actively eating away at your teeth and causing them harm.

Dental scaling removes the plaque so that it can no longer cause infection. It does this by reaching below the gumline to get the hard-to-reach plaque and buildup there. Oral health requires constant vigilance, and a series of deep cleanings performed by our excellent staff can cause even severe gum disease to subside entirely.

What Is Root Planing?

The roots of your teeth are vitally important to enable proper functioning. Gingivitis is a significant contributor to bad oral health and when left untreated, it can cause the roots of your teeth to detach, eventually leading to tooth loss. Losing permanent teeth can be bad for your self-confidence as well as your dental health, but there is a simple solution.

If you are struggling with severe gum disease or loose permanent teeth, our dentists and team are here to help rescue your teeth! We will use a tool that is designed to smooth the uneven surfaces of the tooth root. This restorative procedure will repair your roots and encourage your gums to stick to the root of your tooth, causing periodontal disease to abate and protecting your gums.

What Is the Difference Between a Routine Dental Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

During your regular visit to our office, we perform a routine cleaning that involves removing visible plaque that is on the surface of your teeth and gums. This includes all the brushing and flossing that a hygienist normally does when you come to the office.

If you have periodontal disease, this type of cleaning is rarely enough to stop the effects of this condition. If you have gum disease, plaque and bacteria have almost certainly begun to build up under the gumline, where a standard cleaning won’t be able to reach. A deep cleaning, or scaling, will be necessary to ensure that we get the plaque beneath your gum line.

The purpose of a deep cleaning is to remove calculus and tartar (hardened bacteria) from underneath your gums. After removing this buildup, your gums will be less inflamed, and it will be easier for your gums and your teeth to reconnect. As your gums reconnect with your teeth, your teeth will be better supported, and bacteria and tartar will have fewer hiding spots.

Whether or not you have gum disease, staying on top of your regular dental cleanings will prevent tooth loss and decay!

Do I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

Advanced forms of periodontitis can only be diagnosed by a dental professional, but there are telltale signs to look for that can signal something serious is happening. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important that you come to see us:

  • Teeth that look visibly longer (this can mean that your gums are receding).
  • Permanent teeth that feel like they have loosened.
  • Sensitive gums that are puffy or bleed when flossing or brushing.
  • Gums that regularly hurt or ache.

Give us a call if any of these describe what you are experiencing. Even if you don’t need planing and scaling, we’ll be able to figure out what’s affecting your teeth and help you conquer tooth pain. Oral health is an essential part of your overall well-being.

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