Dentistry has made many advancements over the years, and our patients receive the benefits. At Smiles Family Dental, we offer our patients many exciting options to guarantee that they get the best treatment for their smiles.

One of the technologies that we are excited to offer you is our white fillings. These white fillings are applied to your teeth through a process called dental bonding.

If you have metal amalgam fillings and are looking for a more natural-looking option, or you are just looking for the most advanced technology available, you’ll want to consider dental bonds and white fillings in Flower Mound, Texas, for a beautiful smile.

Experience the Difference

Dental bonds are made by using a composite resin that is molded and placed in a target area. We use a special light to harden the bond to your teeth, repairing and improving your smile as we do. When we finish, these long-lasting bonds will look and feel just like your natural teeth. You won’t be able to tell the difference!

Dental bonds offer distinct advantages to traditional fillings, and they are a popular choice amongst our patients for many different reasons, including:

  • Broken or Fractured Teeth. Do you have teeth with structural damage but want to avoid the hassle of getting veneers or implants? Dental bonding can strengthen your teeth and even help fix their shape
  • Decay. Dental bonds can be used to fill cavities and provide you with a much more modern, aesthetically pleasing look than clunky metal. Because these fillings match the color of your teeth, they’ll also be much less noticeable overall.
  • Stains or Discoloration. If your teeth are yellowed or stained, you can get that pearly-white look back with dental bonds. We have an entire palette of shades for you to choose from, so you can choose one that most closely matches the color of your teeth.
  • Chips. Similar to broken or fractured teeth, we can use bonds to close gaps, fix teeth when they are uneven, and change the shape of your teeth. If you have chipped teeth, bonds can fill in those chips, giving them look that is completely natural.
  • Bonds Mimic Natural Teeth. The amalgam in metal fillings doesn’t bend as easily when you are chewing, meaning that metal fillings are more prone to breakage. The composite resin in our bonds gives you an experience that is more natural and realistic
  • Look Excellent and Feel Invigorated. We pick from a variety of shades that match the look of your natural teeth. Your family and friends won’t be able to tell that you have a bond, and you’ll get to use them to eat all of your favorite foods. What’s not to love?

How Long Does It Take?

One of the best parts about dental bonding is how little time the bonding takes. From start to finish, the process is simple. Because there is little preparation time needed to prepare your teeth, you can be in and out of our office in as little as an hour.

The process for dental bonding is relatively straightforward:

Preparation. The only preparation required is anesthesia to numb the area and make you comfortable if we are using the bonding for a filling. Our dentists will numb the site and use a drill to prepare the shape of the tooth.

Bonding. We apply a conditioning liquid to the surface of your tooth to help the bond adhere. We then apply the bond, mold it to match the shape of your natural teeth and harden it using our curing light. Next, we will shape and polish the bond so that it looks as natural as possible.

Education. We’ll make sure to show you the best practices for taking care of your bonds so you can count on them to look great and last long into the future. With regular dental care and dentist visits, you can expect great results from your bonds for years.

We make it really simple! Call us today at 972-346-1100 if you have any questions about this process or want to learn more about your treatment.

Anyone Can Benefit From Dental Bonding at Smiles Family Dental

Dental bonds are incredibly versatile and are made out of natural, long-lasting material. Bonds allow you to smile more, eat all of your favorite foods and have the confidence of knowing that your teeth can support you in your daily activities without having to worry.

At Smiles Family Dental, we have a bond for everyone. Schedule your free consultation by calling us today to meet with our dentists, Drs. Angelie Zamora, Nick Cobb and Ruasha Shrestha. We will help you to determine the best solution for you, no matter what the condition of your teeth might be.